Zero Admin Program

Introducing "Zero Administration"


  • Significantly Faster Approvals for Data Requests
  • Replace Audits with Regular Entitlement "True-ups"
  • Vast Simplification of Exhibit A


  • December 2017 - TMX commits to Zero Admin
  • June 2018 - Pilot client engagement
  • July 2018 - New clients start using Zero Admin process
  • July 2, 2018 - Launch date for new Exhibit A (Internal Distribution) and new Exhibit A (Delayed Market Data)

New Business Process for Zero Admin

Client Request for Market Data

Client requests Exchange data as they do today. We are releasing a form to make this process vastly simpler, and initially this will be used between the TMX and the Client. In the future, the Vendors will also use this form.

Quarterly Reconciliation

1) Every quarter, client provides to TMX a current Audit Trail Report.

2) TMX prepares a reconciliation report.

3) TMX Datafeed Analyst prepares a new Exhibit A (Internal Distribution) or new Exhibit A (Delayed Market Data).

4) Client signs new Exhibit A.

5) TMX sends "Clearance Letter" to client.

6) Repeat Reconciliation every three months.

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