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TMX ESG Data Hub

TMX ESG Data Hub offers insightful environmental, social and governance data, to empower investment communities to make well-rounded and informed investment decisions beyond financial factors.

Introducing TMX ESG Data Hub

TMX has partnered with premier Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data and analytics providers to deliver ESG data to its global clients including investors and corporations with information to support their investment decision-making processes and perform corporate peer analysis. TMX ESG Data Hub is a one-stop shop for ESG data and is delivered leveraging TMX Datalinx existing data delivery platforms which are used by investors globally.

What impact do corporations and their supply chains have on creating a more resilient environment?
How are corporations advocating social factors such as diversity and inclusivity into their operations and corporate policies?
Have companies’ commitments to ESG issues succeeded as part of their corporate objectives?

Whether looking to identify corporate and material risks or to assess growth opportunities and long-term returns of companies located in Canada or abroad, definitive answers to questions such as these are required during the investment decision-making process as they can shed light on how well- or ill-managed a company can be. That’s how TMX ESG Data Hub can help.

Empowering investment communities with influential ESG insights
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Today, ESG Data is a necessity.

Today, ESG data is a necessity for members of global investment communities. Fund managers, professional investors through to asset owners and managers within sustainable investment teams are not only seeking returns on portfolio investments, but are also factoring companies’ corporate strategies regarding ESG performances and best practices into their investment decision-making.

As such, it’s imperative for our clients to access, leverage and incorporate useful and meaningful data for investment insights and ESG product differentiation.

TMX ESG Data Hub Helps Dispel the Guesswork

TMX ESG Data Hub takes the guesswork out of the daunting task of compiling, comparing and assessing reliable data about companies’ ESG performances.

Working with our partners, we curate and redistribute data intelligence in granular data sets and in formats desired by clients to help them integrate only the key ESG indicators that they need to consider in their investment decision-making. From indicators such as renewable energy, waste disposal, through to discrimination, executive compensation and carbon emissions, we have you covered.

Key Benefits

Through our subscription-based service, TMX ESG Data Hub offers clients the same delivery format applied for other TMX financial data, which is used by investors globally.

Centralized Hub

A one-stop shop of easily retrievable niche and alternative ESG data sets

Preferred ESG Vendor Data Sets

Added value through easily identifiable ESG data sets provided by TMX preferred vendors

Monthly Reporting

The latest information on Canadian and international issuers packaged through monthly reports

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We offer substantial expertise to help you meet your ESG data needs. Contact a member of our TMX ESG Data Hub team to see how we can help.