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TMX Datalinx Xpress Program

Designed to ensure that the Clients and TMX have a common ongoing understanding around datafeed usage, pricing and policies, and to ensure that the administration of the prior approval, contracts, entitlements, reporting, and billing are all completed as effortlessly as possible. The TMX looks forward to providing future technical integration between TMX and the consumers, which will further ease the market data administration effort.


Current Datafeed Client Status

Datafeed Clients on new Exhibit A - 33% 

Datafeed Clients on Entitlement True Ups (No Audits) - 29% 

Enhanced Value Add:

1. Simplified Exhibit A

  • simple two-page form for Delayed Market Data requests - as shown here.
  • 5 pages for requests related to Internal Real-Time Distribution - as shown here.
  • 5 pages for requests related to External Real-Time Distribution of Market Data - as shown here.
  • 3 pages for requests related to External Real-Time Distribution for Network Carriers - as shown here.
  • 6 pages for requests related to External Real-Time Distribution including IP - as shown here.


  • Consolidation - all Market Data use cases are included on 1 Global or Regional Exhibit.
  • Transparency - all pricing and licensing requirements are clearly listed
  • Exhibit A's are targeted to the way the Distributor is using the data. (Delayed, Internal Distribution and External Distribution)

Here is a small snapshot of the Exhibit A for Internal Distribution:

Exhibit A for Internal Distribution Sample

2. Replacement of Audits with Regular Entitlement True-Ups

  • TMX reviews new Consolidated Exhibit A and Global billing and inventory True-Up report with client.
  • Client submits to TMX a current entitlement audit trail report.
    Entitlement Audit Trail Report Sample
  • TMX prepares a reconciliation report (reconciles the client entitlement report with the global billing and inventory)

    Reconciliation Report Sample
  • Client signs off on updated Exhibit A
  • TMX sends Clearance Letter to the Client

    Sample DRAFT clearance letter

    Clearance Letter Sample