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TMX Datalinx Xpress Program

Designed to streamline and optimize the contracting process for TMX Datalinx Datafeed clients.

Enhanced Value Add:

1. Simplified Exhibit A

  • simple two-page form for Delayed Market Data requests - as shown here.
  • 5 pages for requests related to Internal Real-Time Distribution - as shown here.
  • 6 pages for requests related to External Real-Time Distribution of Market Data - as shown here.
  • 3 pages for requests related to External Real-Time Distribution for Network Carriers - as shown here.
  • 6 pages for requests related to External Real-Time Distribution including IP - as shown here.


  • Consolidation - all Market Data use cases are included on 1 Global or Regional Exhibit.
  • Transparency - all pricing and licensing requirements are clearly listed
  • Exhibit A's are targeted to the way the Distributor is using the data. (Delayed, Internal Distribution and External Distribution)

Here is a small snapshot of the Exhibit A for Internal Distribution:

Exhibit A for Internal Distribution Sample

2. Replacement of Audits with Regular Entitlement True-Ups

  • TMX reviews new Consolidated Exhibit A and Global billing and inventory True-Up report with client.
  • Client submits to TMX a current entitlement audit trail report.
    Entitlement Audit Trail Report Sample
  • TMX prepares a reconciliation report (reconciles the client entitlement report with the global billing and inventory)

    Reconciliation Report Sample
  • Client signs off on updated Exhibit A
  • TMX sends Clearance Letter to the Client

    Sample DRAFT clearance leter for website

    Clearance Letter Sample