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TMX Datalinx Xpress

Designed to ensure that the Clients and TMX have a common ongoing understanding around datafeed usage, pricing and policies, and to ensure that the administration of the prior approval, contracts, entitlements, reporting, and billing are all completed as effortlessly as possible. The TMX looks forward to providing future technical integration between TMX and the consumers, which will further ease the market data administration effort.

Streamline and simplify contracting

Fewer, Shorter & Easy to
understand Exhibit A's
(Order Forms)

E-Signature friendly and
fillable forms for efficiency

Eliminate audit risk

Focus on balancing the use cases for licensing and billing on a go forward basis

Transparent pricing and licensing

Clearly links market data usage to transparent billing

Pricing & Policy Update Meeting

Proactive onsite meetings to stay informed of upcoming pricing and policy changes

Datafeed License Survey

Data Feed Distribution Questionnaire

Welcome to the TMX Datalinx Xpress application follow-up questionnaire. This survey is directed to
current TMX Datalinx program clients. You are currently participating in Applications 1, 2 and 3