Entitlements Messaging

Comprehensive Canadian Corporate Action Information in an ISO 15022 Format

Product Description

Entitlements Messaging gives subscribers up-to-date complete entitlement information, including comprehensive corporate action information, for Canadian equity and debt securities, in a field-based form, compliant with ISO 15022 and SWIFT MT564 message format. The intraday service is available over both CDS's proprietary network using the IBM WebSphere MQ message management protocol and the SWIFT network.

Mandatory, voluntary and distribution corporate actions are covered, including:

  • Cash and stock dividends
  • Interest payments
  • Maturities
  • Stock splits and consolidations
  • Rights and warrant issues
  • Spin-offs
  • Mergers
  • Purchase offers and plans of arrangement
  • Redemptions

Product Sheet

You can access the product sheet in PDF format.

Frequency: Near real-time
Format: Compliant with ISO 15022 and SWIFT MT564 format
Delivery: SWIFT Network, IBM Websphere MQ, and CDS® Network


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