Attributed Trading Summary Information

Why use the Attributed Trading Summary?

  • Complete and comprehensive broker market share information
  • Detailed breakdown of trading statistics
  • Authoritative direct from source data

Product Description

There are three attributed trading summary products:

  • Toronto Stock Exchange Attributed Trading Summary
  • TSX Venture Exchange (including NEX) Attributed Trading Summary
  • Alpha Exchange Attributed Trading Summary

Each provides complete and accurate monthly market share information by Symbol and by Broker, including Buy and Sell Volume, Buy and Sell Value and Buy and Sell Transactions summaries, broken down by Anonymous Trading, Attributed Trading and Total Trading.

Anonymous Trading StatisticsAttributed Trading StatisticsTotal Trading Statistics
Stock Symbol Stock Symbol Stock Symbol
Broker Number Broker Number Broker Number
Buy Volume Buy Volume Buy Volume
Buy Value Buy Value Buy Value
Buy Transactions Buy Transactions Buy Transactions
Sell Volume Sell Volume Sell Volume
Sell Value Sell Value Sell Value
Sell Transactions Sell Transactions Sell Transactions

Product Sheet, Specifications and/or Sample

You can access the product sheet and specifications in PDF format, or view a partial sample file.

Frequency: Monthly

Format: Tab delimited text (.txt)

Delivery: Web, FTP or e-mail; after market close on the 5th trading day of each month


Monthly subscription / monthly Toronto Stock Exchange file C$749.00
Monthly subscription / monthly TSX Venture Exchange file C$428.00
Monthly subscription / monthly TSX Alpha Exchange file C$400.00

Unless otherwise indicated, prices are for a single end user, and do not include redistribution rights. For distributor pricing, please contact

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