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Corporate Actions Data

Timely Corporate Actions Data to Keep You In The Know

These products provide details of company and security changes that may affect the value of a company and its securities. From dividends and earnings, to issued capital and listings changes, to new financings, our data products provide comprehensive corporate action coverage. The suite of corporate actions products includes:

Dividends Files

Reports dividends as declared to Toronto Stock Exchange.

Earnings File

Reports earnings announced by Toronto Stock Exchange listed companies.

Historical Security Changes

Provides comprehensive coverage of historical changes to securities listed on Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange.

Listings Changes

Provides details of all current and upcoming Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange listing changes.

New Financing Reports

Provides details of individual financings for Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venure Exchange listed securities.

CDCC / MX Corporate Action Data File

The new Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation (CDCC) / Montréal Exchange (MX) Corporate Action file offers TMX Datalinx customers comprehensive coverage on corporate actions for Canadian exchange traded derivatives traded on the Montréal Exchange.