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Co-Location Services

Maximize Your Trading Opportunities

TMX Co-Location provides an unmatched opportunity to maximize trading strategies through low-latency access to the largest equity and derivative market places in Canada.

  • Optimize high-frequency and algorithmic trading strategies via low-latency access to TMX markets:
    • Toronto Stock Exchange
    • TSX Venture Exchange
    • TSX Alpha Exchange
    • Montreal Exchange

  • Maximize trading profits through faster execution and direct access to 70% of Canadian equity liquidity and 100% of Canadian exchange-traded derivative liquidity

  • Obtain low-latency access to complementary solutions including TMX's Smart Order Router, TMX Risk Management Service and Direct Data Feeds

  • TMX Timing Service

TMX Co-Location cabinets are pre-wired to receive low latency data feeds directly from the TMX's trading engines:

  • TSX, TSXV and TSXA Level 1 & Level 2 Feeds
  • TMX Quantum TSX, TSXV and TSX Alpha Exchange Level 1 & Level 2 Feeds
  • MX (Montreal Exchange) Data Feeds

*Subscription fees apply to the feeds above.

Additional financial data feeds available, including:

  • Consolidated Canadian equity market places through the TMX Information Processor products (CDF, CBBO, CLS, CDB)
  • TSX/CP Equities News™
  • TMX FX
  • CME 
  • NYSE Consolidated Tape Association (CTA) feeds
  • Nasdaq Unlisted Trading Privileges (UTP) feeds
  • Nasdaq OMX
  • Normalized consolidated North American equities, futures and options

*Subscription fees apply to the feeds above.

Connect to a Diverse Community

TMX Co-Location is available to market participants as well as firms providing technology and network services to market participants. In addition to low-latency access to the TMX Group equity and derivative exchanges customers also benefit from easy interconnection to a large on-site community of:

  • Buy-side and sell-side market participants
  • Regional and international marketplace data feeds
  • Financial technology service providers
  • Global financial network service providers
  • Telecommunications carriers.

Eliminate Trading Facility Risk

TMX Group's exchange-grade space was built to meet the growing domestic and international demand for exchange co-location.

  • Exchange Quality Facilities – Operate your mission critical trading applications in the TMX's data centre that includes physical and electronic security, smoke detection system, raised floor with grounding system, redundant power grids, UPS and diesel generators, air conditioning, fire alarm, sprinkler systems and environmental systems monitoring.
  • Trading Centric – TMX's data centre is operated by TMX specifically for capital markets clients and supporting vendors. All policies, procedures, and access controls and designed with trading clients in mind.
  • Suburban Location – The data centre's suburban location provides a level security and reliability above that of downtown data centres.
  • Power Availability – TMX designed and built the data centre to provide maximum availability. In addition to multiple generators, uninterruptable power supplies, and redundant power distribution systems the site is also unique by having access to multiple utility grids.
  • Vendor Neutral – TMX maintains a policy of carrier and vendor neutrality. Many domestic and international telecommunications carriers and financial networks are already onsite and ready to immediately deliver services.
  • Secure and Reliable – TMX's secure and reliable data centre is managed and monitored 24/7.

TMX Co-Location is in a unique position as the premiere Canadian exchange co-location facility designed, built, and operated exclusively for the capital markets.

Co-Location Fee Schedule