TMX Atrium proudly operates multiple US and Canadian based wireless networks, providing our customers with low latency access to both discretionary bandwidth and market data services. With a specialized team of experts dedicated to wireless, we strive to offer the best wireless service available to our customers. As a trusted provider with a focus on client-neutrality, customers can rest assured that our highly reliable wireless services are delivered fairly to all of our customers.


  • Overview

    Using microwave technology, the broadly available commercial service provides clients on both sides of the border with market-leading access to market data and discretionary bandwidth services. The available market data features the most actively traded securities on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE and ARCA), BATS, and Nasdaq.

    This microwave connection links TMX Group's main data center – which houses TSX, TSX Venture Exchange, TSX Alpha Exchange and Montreal Exchange – to Mahwah, Secaucus, and Carteret, New Jersey, where the data centers for NYSE/ARCA, BATS, and Nasdaq are respectively located.

    In addition, TMX Atrium has also launched millimeter wave links that interconnect the Mahwah facility to the two other New Jersey-based facilities in Carteret and Secaucus. These new wireless networks join TMX Atrium's existing microwave path between Carteret, New Jersey and Aurora, Illinois, creating a single, client-neutral source for wireless services between the three prominent trading centers in North America.

  • Latency Matrix Table

    TMX Atrium Wireless Latency Matrix (Current as of September 22, 2016) 

    Toronto to New Jersey Microwave

    RouteRadio-to-Radio (ms)Rack-to-Rack (ms)SLA (ms)
    MCC-MAH 1.88 1.89 1.90
    MCC-NY4 1.98 1.99 2.06
    MCC-CAR 2.03 2.05 2.12

    Inter-New Jersey Millimeter

    RouteRadio-to-Radio (μs)Rack-to-Rack (μs)SLA (μs)
    MAH-NY4 118 124 136
    MAH-CAR 192 202 213
    CAR-NY4 92 100 115

    Chicago-NJ Microwave

    RouteRadio-to-Radio (ms)Rack-to-Rack (ms)SLA (ms)
    AUR-CAR 4.08 4.09 4.15
    AUR-NY4 4.17 4.20 4.34
    AUR-MAH 4.27 4.30 4.38
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