TMX Atrium's approach is to offer a simple point of access to the TMX Atrium community. TMX Atrium lets you choose whether you want to use an ultra-low latency cross connects, dark fibre connectivity, a dedicated Ethernet connecticvity to TMX Atrium, a secure Internet connection with an SLA, or a combination of the above.

TMX Atrium's connectivity fabric links 30 PoPs across 12 countries and over 30 major trading venues allowing clients direct access to these trading venues. In addition, TMX Atrium has a growing trading community of venues, buy side, ISVs, market data vendors and clearers all of whom have their own connectivity requirements to the TMX Atrium community.

TMX Atrium's infrastructure, allows participants to connect their trading engines seamlessly onto the connectivity fabric and benefit from the lowest latency access to all available trading venues.

TMX Atrium's platform meets current and forecasted demands of bandwidth to handle ever-increasing market data and is well positioned for further industry connectivity enhancements. As well as direct trading access, TMX Atrium also offers intranet and internet technology designed to be fully interoperable with firms' in-house legacy infrastructures.

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